Doug’s Pick Of The Week: Vexine CD Release at Center Of The Universe Brewing

735130_1050533405019158_7403118566805789338_nSaturday, April 30, 4 PM
Vexine Little Sin CD & Beer Release Show @ Center Of The Universe Brewing – Free!
Drew’s got an excellent pick for this Saturday night over at Strange Matter (Hoboknife!), but maybe metal’s not your thing. Maybe you want go to something earlier in the day. Maybe you don’t mind driving a bit past the city limits. Maybe you want some singular form of local music. Maybe you want to try a new beer inspired by said music. Or maybe you just want me to stop writing sentences that begin with maybe.

If you fancy yourself a supporter and/or fan of the local music scene here in Richmond, then you absolutely cannot miss Vexine’s Little Sin release show. The quartet’s latest release is clearly their best to date, and it continues to build on their soulful roots rock sound built within the confines of a smoky lounge setting. There’s a great deal of musical depth on the record too, as you’ll get chugging rockabilly (“Caught Up In The Tears”), soulful ballads (“I Want You”), and even sparse blues rock (“Creep Into You”). It will be interesting to see Vexine integrate these songs into their already robust set list. The band’s been one of the premier live acts in the scene for years now — mostly thanks to the swanky swagger from Sarah Gleason making the sound of the three musicians behind her more powerful than they ever imagined — so any show with them on the bill is bound to be a success. And their third album release show? After Saturday, Gleason might not even be able to talk for the next week.

On top of the CD release, COTU is releasing a limited edition “Little Sin” beer to coincide with the album release–a great feather in Vexine’s lavish burlesque hat that’s sure to make some other Richmond bands jealous. Perhaps jealous isn’t the right word to use for someone in our gracious local scene, but everyone should be taking note of what Vexine is doing with this album release. Actually, everyone should just be taking notes on what Vexine is doing, period. You can start at this Saturday’s show if you’re behind.

There’s only one band on the bill for this show, but there’s word trickling down through the grapevine (aka Twitter) that local punk rock polymath PJ Sykes will be joining the band for a few songs. I doubt we’ll be hearing any Hoax Hunters covers on Saturday (though I’d scream like a little girl for “Poisonous Love“), but there’s no way PJ’s not injecting his thrash punk guitar into Vexine’s carefully assembled lounge rock sound. Should make for some interesting variations on well-known Vexine song and is really just another reason that no one should miss the show at COTU on Saturday.

Doug Nunnally (@MusicDoug)


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