Doug’s Pick Of The Week: Recluse Raccoon at Gallery 5!


Friday, July 8, 8 PM
Recluse Raccoon, Shagwüf, Venus Guytrap, Pete Curry @ Gallery5 – $6

I’ve been really impressed with Gallery5’s shows the last few months. So many great bands — most of them off the local scene’s radar — with so many interesting lineups that seem to be carefully built on complimentary sounds and styles. This Friday’s show is just what I’m talking about, as the venue has a four band line-up (three from Richmond) that will have the night beginning in colorful bedroom pop leading into some racuous garage rock and pysch rock before ending the night with some minimalist pop that incorporates traits of each of the bands before it. It’s a Virginia affair too, so why not validate that great new marketing campaign and show that Virginia truly is for music lovers!

Your headliners on this impressive lineup are Recluse Raccoon, a three piece minimalist/bedroom pop outfit who have been bouncing on Richmond for a few years now, but are starting to get more notice after the release of the Horse EP last September. The band has a striking ability to create these incongruous melodies in their songs that somehow just get stuck in your head for no good explanation. A song like the shorty ditty “Part Of Me” shows this talent off exactly and should give you a basic idea of what to expect this Friday. This is a band you’re sure to catch frequently here in town, but trust me — watching them in the headline slot at a Gallery5 show is definitely where you want to see them live for the first time.

Shagwüf is an appealing quartet out of Staunton with a fuzzed out sound that could really fit into any genre you’d want it to. The sound is self-described as “stoner gutter-glam rock with heavy undertones of swamp metal,” but at it’s core, it’s just primo pysch rock that’s as comfortable in heavy riffs (“Swamp D“) as it is in bright melodic moments (“Fight Like A Girl“). The band just played Radio Rubber Room this past Tuesday and they are also playing WRIR this Friday, all of which are scheduled stops on the band’s current Heavy Petting tour which has them hitting venues up and down the East Coast. Hard-working band here with a bendy sound — just another thing to make this a stacked line-up.

Venus Guytrap is also on this bill, bringing their own garage sensibilities to the intimate venue where they’ll most likely provide the night’s most animated performance. The band continues to improve after a year on the scene and there’s no doubt that songs like “Fuck Banditos” will surely win over the crowd in attendance. Finally, local pop aesthete Pete Curry will open the night up with his own take on bedroom pop (on full display on his new EP Doin’ Nothing) and that should serve as a neat contrast to the minimalist style Recluse Raccoon has in store. As I said at the start, it’s a cool way to structure this show with bedroom pop leading into garage pop into pysch rock into a headliner that does a little bit of it all in their own reserved fashion — making it just another great Gallery5 lineup for any local music fan.

Doug Nunnally (@MusicDoug)

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