Doug’s Pick Of The Week: Lady God at Strange Matter


Tuesday, August 9, 8 PM
Lady God, Queen Of Jeans, Heaters, The Wimps @ Strange Matter – $8

I know, I know. It’s Tuesday. It’s gloomy. It sucks. You just want to go home, crawl in bed, and put on Netflix. I get it, but there is nothing quite like live music to cure the early week blues. That goes double when it’s a retro rock line-up this deep, all for a shockingly low price.

Oh, Lady God. If there was a band in town that’s going to break you out of the funk caused by this abysmal weather, it’s going to be Lady God. Back in May, I called them “Richmond’s hardest working band” and while some local bands are trying their best to wrest that title, it’s still no question as to who stands tall in Richmond in that regard. If you still haven’t caught their psychedelic garage pop live, now is a great time to get in on the excitement. Head out tonight, lose yourself in the overwrought showmanship of Chrissie Lozano, move your body to Skye Handler’s infectious guitar lines, feel the energy from every song, and become an instant fan of a band no one in town will ever get sick of talking about.

Queen Of Jeans from Philly continue the retro feel, with a more 60s infused pop sound that has me opening Spotify to put on some Daughters Of Eve and Pleasure Seekers. “Won’t You” alone sounds like it belongs on one of those Romulan compilations featuring 14 kick-ass bands you’ve never heard of from decades before. If ’60s girl garage isn’t your thing, trust me that there is plenty of ’90s alt-rock attitude in these songs — just listen to “Rollerdyke.” These girls are definitely onto something great here so check them out while they’re here.

Steering the night back to more psych sounds is Michigan band Heaters, with a fuzzy lo-fi sound that feels like it was haphazardly recorded in the studio next to The 13th Floor Elevators and The Amboy Dukes. Don’t believe me? Just put on “Levitate Thigh” and listen to that rhythm breakdown. Quality stuff here.

And opening the night is local band The Wimps with their spacious and melancholy power pop sound that’s been getting them some strong word-of-mouth here in town. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to their new record yet, I highly recommend it; the ten song collection is clearly worth of inclusion on any “best RVA record” list you’re putting together for 2016. The record’s great and another feather in the overstuffed cap of Virginia Moonwalker, but live is really where these guys are making their name. Songs like “Sour Peaches” and “Another Complication” really come to life on stage with each member feeding each other’s energy and making their live performances utterly incredible.

Doug Nunnally (@MusicDoug)

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