Doug’s Pick Of The Week: Vexine at The Canal Club


Saturday, December 17, 8 PM
Vexine, Hoax Hunters, J&W Love Redemption, Lowbirds @ The Canal Club – $10

December might be the best month out of the year for live music. Holiday themed shows or not, it just seems that bands and musicians always perform with a little extra energy reserved for the end of the year. Shows just always seem more free, more fun, more experimental, and ultimately more memorable. Perhaps it’s a reward for braving the frigid Richmond weather. With that in mind, make sure you get out this month to see some shows, especially some local bands like this Saturday’s show at The Canal Club.

Vexine is the headliner and will have what I assume is a festive representation of their fiery roots rock. If you haven’t caught it yet, I highly recommend the band’s latest record Little Sin released back in April, which was one of the year’s best local releases with plenty to offer for fans of classic rock sounds. Southern rock, rockabilly, blues rock, and even just flat out gutsy rock. Few in town match Vexine’s total presentation too so you’ll be in for a rock show in every sense of the phrase. You can never go wrong with seeing Vexine in town and with it being so close to the holidays, you can bet it’s going to be special show.

Local punk band Hoax Hunters are supporting and I could sit here all day and talk about PJ Sykes’ brand of galvanized music. Instead of that, how about I just cut this short to give you all more time to go listen to their music? Clickbait is only a year old, but the songs still feel fresh and exciting, as does the prospect of hearing some new material for the band as they gear up for a new release in 2017. Just like you can never go wrong seeing Vexine in town, if PJ Sykes is involved in something, you can bet it’s going to be fun, exciting, and memorable and Saturday’s shaping up to be just that.

Also on the show are two acts furthering the roots rock atmosphere: Lowbirds and J&W Love Redemption. For J&W, you can enjoy some male-female vocal interplay set in front of a roots rock background, while Lowbirds will bring their passionate country rock to the opening of the show.

Judging by this lineup, you can’t go wrong spending your Saturday night at The Canal Club taking in some live local music at a very special time of the year.

Doug Nunnally (@MusicDoug)

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