Doug’s Pick Of The Week: Angelica Garcia At Crossroads


Saturday, January 7, 7:30 PM
Angelica Garcia, Hannah Goad @ Crossroads Coffee & Ice Cream – Free!

Snow be damned, there’s a great show happening Saturday night (for free!) that you should all head out to, even if Richmond ends up looking like this this by the time you hit the road. Don’t worry — you have plenty of time before the show to get your bread and milk. Just make sure your ass is at Crossroads by 7:30 to see Angelica Garcia and Hannah Goad live.

Garcia went from unknown to powerhouse in 2016 with the release of her debut record, Medicine For Birds on Warner Bros, and if you give any song on the record only a minute of your time, you’ll find out exactly why. “Orange Flower” is the roots-meets-indie anthem pop music has been trying to write for half a decade now while “Little Bird” is a stirring and incendiary mantra with an astounding build. Garcia’s pliant voice is an instant stand-out on the record, but what’s more fascinating is her ability to subvert the structures and melodies of her own songs, with little melodic detours and sonic twists spread throughout. Using these little tricks here and there throughout her songs really bolster her impressive voice as it opens the song up for breathtaking moments like when she jumps from talking to bellowing in a matter of seconds. It’s extremely clever songwriting that lets her songs soar in any setting, whether it be in a polished studio space or on an intimate cafe stage.

Also performing Saturday night alongside Garcia is another great local singer-songwriter: Hannah Goad. Goad, who you may know from her time in Lili And The Dirty Moccasins, released her debut EP last year, Kinds, which was among the best local releases of last year — a lofty accomplishment considering how much great music there was coming out of Richmond last year. More straightforward in her approach, the remarkable quality of Goad’s music is the words she utilizes and the relationship they then form with her voice, one that jumps from acquiescent to quarrelsome depending on the song. It’s what makes songs like “Don’t Follow” so dynamic despite their simple structure, and what makes seeing Goad live a treat every single time.

So again I say, snow be damned this weekend — head over to Crossroads and see two astounding singer-songwriters in an intimate setting during the first snowfall of 2017, something that will surely make a lasting memory for anyone in attendance.

Doug Nunnally (@MusicDoug)

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