Doug’s Pick Of The Week: Landlady at Hardywood


Saturday, August 13, 6 PM
Landlady, Josh Small & Easy Company @ Hardywood – FREE!

Lots of choices this Saturday for live music, with Swamp Fest topping the list for most people (and rightfully so). It’d take a hell of a show to rival seeing bands like Empty Vessels (!!) over at Strange Matter… but there actually is a hell of a show going on across town at Hardywood featuring New York band Landlady!

For those who’ve seen or heard Landlady, you’ll know full well why this is my pick for this coming weekend. Their brand of art rock, teeming with pop melodies, is flawlessly endearing to music lovers, offering up a great deal of familiarity while also thriving on originality. The band itself is quite exceptional, but of course the narrative of Landlady hinges on the frontman Adam Schatz and his exceptional talents — as a lyricist, as a musician, and, perhaps above all else, as a live performer. Just look back Fall Line Fest in 2014 when Landlady was the talk of the weekend. Their performance at The November Theater had everyone buzzing and left certain people (me) pretty upset (or distraught) that they chose something else (like a complete and utter idiot). Sigh. People couldn’t stop talking about the show Schatz put on. It even seemed that people were humming all those irresistible melodies and stirring rhythms for the rest of the month. Must have been an outstanding performance for that to have happened, right? Sigh. Anyway, this Saturday is your chance to see the brand of manic energy Schatz brings to the table, as well as the remarkable ability the rest of the band wields on stage. Don’t be stupid 2014 me — head over to Hardywood and get a chance to hear a truly unique sound and watch a truly incredible band.

Seeing Landlady this Saturday might also be a cool little preview to an upcoming issue of Off Your Radar, a newsletter with contributions from both RVA Must-See Shows head Drew Necci and myself. Adam Schatz will be a guest contributor for the 30th issue of the newsletter on August 22nd, where he will write the introduction for a record he chose to have covered: Emergency Ward by Nina Simone. Adam’s also a regular contributor for The Talkhouse so his writing prowess is well-documented and should make this upcoming issue of OYR extra special. Cheap plug: don’t forget to subscribe (for free) to Off Your Radar here. New issues Monday with this coming Monday’s issue on Magazine by Jump, Little Children. Mark your calendars though: August 22nd – Adam Schatz on Off Your Radar.

Back on point, if you need an extra push for this Saturday’s show at Hardywood, local favorite Josh Small is opening this show, where he’ll be backed by Easy Company for what will be a compelling set full of his trademark roots music. Everyone reading this should know about Small’s talent and allure by now, but if you need a reminder, join me in dusting off Tall and given it a well-deserved re-listen — or, if you prefer, there’s always Juke too. Songs from both records should make appearances this Saturday and knowing Small, there’s bound to be some tricks up his sleeves as well giving you all good reason to hit Hardywood as close to 6 PM as possible.

Two bands each worthy of plan-cancelling attendance. And hey — if you time it right, you might be able to hit up Strange Matter for Swamp Fest right afterwards for a super ambitious day of astounding music. Just make sure to take Monday off so you have all the time you need to recover.

Doug Nunnally (@MusicDoug)

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